What is HTML5

What’s New in HTML5

HTML5 is the new version of HTML containing new set of standards and specifications that try to fix some problems with the previous version of HTML, such as the lack of guidelines, the loose structure, and lack of flexibility. HTML5 is HTML + JavaScript APIs + CSS3

In 1991 , the first HTML specifications where were publish, followed second released of HTML(HTML2) was published in 1995, introducing form-based file upload, tables and more .and early in 1997 recommended a new and improved html specification (HTML3) was published as a W3C.

In late 1997, the last HTML (HTML4) was released. It took 10 years until 2007 the beginning of HTML5, when W3C and WHAYWG began work on HTML5. These two group are working hand on hand to make this product the best ever. W3C bring skills from previous release HTML4 while WHATWG bring Web forms and web applications experience.

The Doctype is one of the important element in any HTMl document. It comes at the beginning of HTML document. Is used for defining the document type declaration (DTD) which tells browsers how to render the html document (this is called the Standards Mode). The Doctype is one of the most important best part of HTML5 the element was simplified into

There are so many new elements and features approximately 100 different working groups that write its specifications.

Canvas – A drawing surface that enables drawing 2D graphics with JavaScript API.

Video and Audio – elements that enable the inclusion of Multimedia in WebPages without the need for plug-ins such as Flash. It comes with Javascript application programming interface (API).

New content –specific elements –Semantic elements such as article, footer, header and nav.

Before I forget HTML5 also includes determining the location of the browser by using the Geolocation APIand File API