solved -Can’t login to Microsoft account with Lumia 920

I can’t sign with Microsoft Account on my 920 Lumia Windows Phone – HELPPPPP

I have problem (with Nokia 920) Can’t sign in with Microsoft Account – always shows me the text -“We’re having a problem with signing in. Make sure that you have good reception. If you do, the problem may be at the other end. Wait a little while and try again”

I have a good connection !!! And my account works normal with all other devices !!!!

I don’t know how to add my account on Windows Phone 8 Lumia 920 (Mobile operator O2 Germany)

When Lumia 920 reported are getting Generally a new user would tap onto the Settings area and then set up email following which select the Microsoft Account option where in they can login with their,, Exchange, Office 365, Xbox, or any other similar service following which they would end up with an error.

Lumia 920: Cannot login to MS account

According to gizmoreport , Time & Date settings need to be fixed in order to ensure that you can login to your Microsoft Account.

1. Go onto the settings then move over to the date + time section

2. Then Disable -> Set automatically to Off on date + time section.

3. Go back to the Account Setup option and it should work this time.