5 simple steps to build SWOT Analysis for your Blog



1. Define Your Mission and Goals of your blog

It’s important that you know what your blog’s goals are?  Why you’re blogging?   Will give you direction as well as a framework to review whether you’re being successful. What to Create Goals For on Your Blog

There are several areas on a blog that go unnoticed when it comes to setting up a blog plan and mapping out goals. Make sure you don’t miss any of these important areas.

Post Frequency

Comments On Your BlogDefine Your Mission and Goals of your blog

Comments You Write On Other Blogs

Blog Traffic

Blog Income

Social Media Accounts

Newsletter Subscribers

Blog Promotion

Guest Posts On Your Site

Guest Posting On Other Blogs


2. List Your Blog Strengths

What are you good at as a blogger?

What resources and assets do you have at your disposal?

What do you do better than anyone else?


3. List Your Blog Weaknesses

What skills do you not have as a blogger? What is ‘broken’ on your blog or in your workflow? What could or should you improve about your blog? What should you probably avoid in your blogging? What is distracting you from your goals?

A blogger blogs to inform readers, offer tips and tricks, or even write on general developments in his life. A blogger needs to approach topics with his views, and thoughts. The best posts from bloggers are those that have been researched without hiring others views. A blogger is always on the go, looking for new content ideas to write upon


4. Build an Audience

This is really the most difficult part of blogging, especially when it’s for profit. Before you harvest the financial rewards, you have to come up with something attention-grabbing to say and get people captivated. Interesting content is half the equation of building an audience and the other half is frequent postings quality content. People will visit often for regularly updated content, but if they return a few times to the same old post, they’re likely to stop coming back. Last thing don’t forget research and research before writing article.

5. Get Advertisers

The money always comes at last never make that mistake bloggers do focus on making money more that service visitors of their blog. When you decide to monetize your blog, make sure the quality of your content doesn’t suffer. For example, some bloggers get free samples from companies hoping to get a favourable review from the writer. Don’t waist you time looking for advertisers their will come to you.

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