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Awesome for the first AdSense Pays me $228 in one Month



Working from home pays something at last

AdSense in South Africa

Blogging  can sometimes pay you extra cash now I can see after a year working on my blog. This awesome news are now getting to be my additions to share with you a little stores about Green IT Web my blog. As I write now my blog exceeded monthly bandwidth I must start look for an Unlimited Hosting to avoid paying extra money for additional traffic bandwidth. My blog traffic didn't only increase the revenue also responding well. What I can say 2012 seem doing better for my side.

I have received $228 (R1726.78) only from my AdSense Account in one month for the first time since I launched my blog in April 2011. I am close to the anniversary of my blog all Good News. Google Pays me $228.14 on AdSense Revenue in 30 days, I have 516 AdSense Ads Clicked in my blog with 157,886 AdSense Ads Viewed and 30,960 AdSense Page Impressions.

If you are a new blogger looking to make money in South Africa online my suggestion its only hard work that pays at the end of the day

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