Apple Siri Vs Google Assistant coming later this year




Google planning competitor to Apple's Siri voice assistantGoogle is said to be working on artificial intelligence technology that could surpass the capabilities of Apple's Siri voice assistant, a development that comes as Apple prepares for a media event at which it could launch the next iteration of its popular iPad tablet. according to a report by TechCrunch's Alexia Tsotsis, who cited an unnamed source at the company. Reportedly, the Siri competitor could possibly launch in the fourth quarter of 2012. However, it is yet uncertain and the release date could be changed. The company is working on Artificial Intelligent technology christened the ‘Google Assistant.’

Assistant additionally could find its way into other applications with Google offering an open API. This way, developers could integrate features from Assistant into their apps. I could see that being exceptionally helpful for doing searches on social apps, travel apps, games, and more


Why I think Google Assistant will kill Siri

Google want to kill Siri Since Apple Siri's only advantage is its natural language support Google will take advantage of that and integrate its many great Google products you might be using: Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, Google Maps, Google  Search, Google+ -- Google has a ton of them you could be using. With Google’s privacy policy changes all of those products can now work together to build a more intelligent profile that more accurately reflects what you like, where you go, who you communicate with and what you buy plus untold other metrics surrounding your online behavior.


You still can't tell Siri to navigate to a location and get excellent voice turn by turn directions without purchasing an expensive app.

So could Google kill Siri with a super tool that’s supposedly in the works?

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