MTN Flat rated smartphone data bundles Confusing and Misleading




MTN New smartphone data bundle pricingRecently MTN is set to launch BlackBerry type Internet data bundles for a wide range of smartphones which I disagree to be compared with BIS unlimited.


Blackberry users on BIS are paying R59 for unlimited BMM and internet browsing for the whole month compare to this new disappointing Smartphone Data Bundles you pay up to R49 for only as little 75 MB then you will be charged when you reach limit. To be honest there was no reason why Serame Taukobong to compare their new data service offering to BIS unlimited.  MTN is misleading South African. Do you think R10 can make Blackberry users better paying than other smartphone users.  I fully disagree with MTN that their new smartphone data offering has to be compared with unlimited BIS.


How is this anything thing like the Blackberry service when if you go over 75meg you get charged extra? I don’t understand the reasoning behind these bundles or I am just being stupid? Do MTN think we are stupid enough not to see the difference?

Is there any thing similar to BIS here?

According to Mybroadband , Serame Taukobong, MTN South Africa’s chief marketing officer, confirmed that MTN is launching new Smartphone Services, targeted at entry-level smartphone users. Taukobong added that MTN Smartphone Services are similar to the Blackberry Internet Service, but aimed at customers using different smartphone handsets.


MTN said that the following Smartphone Services will be available for purchase:

Nokia Smartphone Pro Service (R49 per month)

– 75MB fair use on Nokia Smartphones to access the Nokia Ovi ecosystem (Nokia Messaging, Chat, Navigation and Ovi store). Other internet usage will also deplete the fair use allowance.

MTN Smartphone Pro Service (R49 per month)

– 75MB fair use on any Smartphone for e-mail, Instant Messaging and Navigation. Other internet usage will also deplete the fair use allowance.

MTN Social Networking Service (R29 per month)

– 75MB fair use to access Facebook & MXit (m.facebook.com & m.mxit.com) on any Smartphone, any other social networks will be charged for.

MTN Opera Mini Internet Service (R35 per month)

– 75MB fair use on any Smartphone to access the internet using the MTN Branded Opera Mini browser. Customers need to ensure that they have the MTN Branded Opera Mini browser installed on their device.

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