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Does Google Panda Algorithm Affect Adsense Revenue, CTR Drastically Drops

Google AdSense CTR Drastically Drops2013 seems not good year for me, my Google Adsense revenue keeps on dropping from $85 earnings to $30.If you ask me personally, definitely I have seen decrease in CTR but CPC is handsome. It is just starting of may.


Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, announced that the Panda algorithm is still being updated roughly every month, but that update is rolled out slowly throughout the month.

My Adsense Revenue started dropping from May 2013. April 1st  2013- April 30 2013 able to achieve biggest revenue of $85  in 2013. But it was a short joy as  Adsense Revenue started dropping at May to $65. Didn’t end there, last month another huge drops to (June 1st  2013- June 30 2013, Adsense Revenue: $30). This seem going to escalate to this month Adsense Revenue as I have only able to achieve $16. only 10 days left.

Google said in March that they will stop announcing Panda update because they were more of a rolling update. By rolling update, Google means that it is pushed out monthly, but pushed out over a 10 day cycle or so.

Back in March, Google said they will stop confirming Panda updates because they are now more baked into the index and algorithm.

Did you noticed any change in your latest Adsense report? Any Change in CTR, CPC or RPM?

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