The Hottest Trends of Website Designs 2013

Hottest Trends of Website Designs 2013

Design of a website is not all about the appearance of the site but it is also a medium of marketing, it is a reflection of your products and how they work. It is also a fact that only a great appearing website would not help you until it is easy to navigate, read and comprehend. In the modern era, you also need to achieve diverse browsers compatibility, responsive and a website supporting different platforms. Therefore, the web design is defined as the customization to accomplish the different needs of customers and clients.

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2013s Rocking Web Design Color Trends

A list of the best website that have been designed in accordance with the latest 2013 trends:



It has been designed simple, open, fresh and clear. Any user who comes to this website would get an idea that what the site is all about. The design is clear and satisfying for the viewers.

SwimCapz.com:Custom Swim Caps

SwimCapz is rated one of the top designed website as per the latest designing trends. Endowed with easy navigation, comprehensive content and clear images, it easily appeals the users towards it. The combination of typography and colors is very strong that makes it worth-appreciating among visitors.


Apple site

Apple is one of the best designs that strike a balance of strong type and simplicity with application of rich imagery. It is a big website enriched with a lot of content which is easy to navigate.

D’Angelico Guitars:D Angelico Guitars

This website is all about Guitars that are instruments. Keeping the fact in mind that rather than the appearance of the website the people would love to look at beautiful Guitar so the site makes ample justice to it. It is a well-planned and well-designed website.

The Land of Nod:The Land of Nod

The website sells furniture for kids and we know that kids are not going to see the furniture themselves. Therefore, the feel has been created aptly so that the parents of the kids buy the products quickly.

All the above mentioned websites succeeded to become a part of the best designed websites of 2013. Let’s explore the points that should be included in the design of a website:


Many a times, you must have heard that content is the king which is true to an extent. Over the years, a broad debate has been seen on the topic that how we should present the content or whether we should make it adaptive to the device or not. After the end of these researches, the conclusion is that our content must be easily searchable, efficient, accessible and adaptive to multi-platform.

The Trend of Large Photo Backgrounds:

Now-a-days, numbers of websites adopt the idea of using large and oversized photographs in the background. The reason behind it that, the photographs presented in an attractive way are capable of capturing the visitor’s attention easily.

Comprehensive Illustrations:

There is high competition on the website designing platform that is why every site owner wants to catch and hold the attention of the visitors quickly. For this task, it is better to appoint a talented designer who can handle this work of art effectively. Moreover, you can perform the process of illustrations easily.

Using Fullscreen Typography:

We have already made you aware of the importance of using the big photo in the background. Now, we are going to tell you that this trend can be expanded to the use of typography as well. Moreover, this is considered a great way to bridge the entirety of the browser through superb designing and webpage text.

Importance of Retina Support:

These days, every website owner supports the idea of having a website with responsive layout. In the same line, an instant rise can be noticed in building the retina devices. In this direction, Apple was the first one which initiated the idea with iPhone 4 and afterwards applied this screen display on the other devices such as the MacBooks and the iPad.

Final Thoughts:

After going through some of the best examples of the hottest website designing trends and reading the tips, you must be inspired to design your website in the same manner. Thus, it is not the time to waste but it is an appropriate moment to implement the ideas for the best results.


Author Bio:

Paul Taylor is a talented website designer from Swimcapz.com. His write-up including website designs trends, utility and related aspects are highly appreciated by readers.  

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