2013s Rocking Web Design Color Trends

2013s Rocking Web Design Color Trends

Checking out the latest design trends to obtain appealing web design presence? Color palette is one such essential design element of web design that grabs the most attention. Well, 2013’s color trends are sophisticated and compelling; so it comprises neons combined with greyscale and brights to add the right zest in the web design.

These pastel palettes can perfectly amalgamate to the modern design needs to offer clean and artistic designs. Being pleasant and grabby colors, they can match up with softness as well as cartoony designs. so we can conclude that hue blocking in any color can perfect enhance the beauty of the design.

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The Hottest Trends of Website Designs 2013

If you are wondering what’s fresh in this year’s color trends? So the crop of color styles is specifically focused with UI, letting the users easily distinguish the vital elements and break up sections for quick and convenient understanding. So without any ado let’s peep inside to know the hottest color trends of 2013

 1. Color Blocking

Color blocking is another web trend that maps out the root of the fashion design. The reason behind choosing this color blocking is because of its functionality and versatility. However, blocking does means picking any color randomly but it is about using perfect colors that render crisp fields and exactly define the sections, categories and single element of the website. Besides moving from regular flat vector designs, color blocking can create a huge difference in making your design outstanding. Have a look on the illustrationthat showcases wonderful creativity of color blocking.

 Color trends

2. Greyscale with Bright Accents

It is a sophisticated color style where the user can easily notice the crucial elements in the design. This color scheme adds neatness and elegance to the design through its couple of bright colors that grabs the attention of the viewers. It makes it easier for site users to easily make the differentiation for the interactive elements and vital information. The simplicity added to the design offers enhances the user experience for enjoying pleasant website access.

 color trends 01

For example, you can check out this site’s design, which makes it a perfect paradigm of this color trend. The website has made a good blend of colors with using coral and turquoise colors to define the sections, rollovers and images, which render neat and user-friendly design.

3. Neons and Brights


Neon has been a really big fashion statement for the interior design now and even the 80s. It still gives a refreshing look to the web design and perfectly gets incorporated with every kind of web design. The most special thing for using neon is that it easily gets blended with every color and gives refreshing tone and outlook. Have a look on this Example, as it will exhibit everything clearly. Then neon perfectly looks well with brights to offer fun and engaging appearance. Have a lookto see how it looks like.

4. Muted Pastels

Muted pastels are another trendy color spectrum of this year’s web design that uses a perfect blend of neutral, soft and light pastels. This color pastel creates welcoming atmosphere for rendering friendly and graceful experience. Such type of color trend is perfectly suitable for cartoony, cute and vector illustrations and organic typefaces.


You may go this illustration, which is a flawless amalgam of organic typography and muted color palette. As you can see diverse colors have been utilized in this website’s illustration, but because all the color tones are subtle and soft so they do not create a mess or become annoying for the viewers.

Don’t Hesitate, Use Color Tools

If you are not comfortable to jump on new color trends, then you are suggested to use color tool that lets you experiment with different colors. Using tool you can formulate a workable and consistent color palette as per your custom needs. Color Explorer is a fantastic set of tools feasible for diverse color needs like color matching, extraction and conversion, which give complete ease in coining your own interesting and balanced color palettes for safe web boot.


Also tool is a perfect resource form where you can use the color matching to modify RGB ratios, lightness, color saturation etc. for perfect harmonized variations.

Shutterstock Color Spectrum

Carrying out the website’s color palette to the photography has always been a great way. To find the imagery loaded with ideal colors for your web project, it is good to use striking colors that render csolorizing images. This tool is helpful in sorting stock images by keyword and color. You can even use TinEye that is also a great tool for similar functionality.



So now you can confidently play around with the color schemes to give up-to-date and refreshing look to your online presence!


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