Blackberry move from tycoon or BEE smart-phone to Students phone in SA

Blackberry have gain king trust by business people in South Africa. Most of managers, middle managers, owners, celebrate and professional’s users blackberry for easy communication purpose and business communication. Research In Motion (RIM) gain the recognition through its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service which recently has named as 'Coolest Brand Overall" for 2011 by Sunday Times Generation Next 2011 Brand Survey Awards. BlackBerry beat Apple and Android which are fast growing Smartphone’s in the world although are still have no room here in South Africa to beat BlackBerry.

Blackberry is Becoming School Uniform

Blackberry was known as most expensive phone few years ago due to its pricey and availability on contracts. It was only affordable to those who huge pockets and top earners or rich family.
But all that now has changed you will see Blackberry playing secondary school children, due to its affordability. This is dropping its dignity to those who always want to be seen on top like middle class. This entire gap closed will lead to shift to Apple and Android by tycoons.
The youth especially love BlackBerry Messenger, which enables them to share text and voice messages, pictures and video clips


Are you still going to buy Blackberry in the next coming years?

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