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Ramphele want to substitute Textbooks with Tablet PCs at schools


 Dr Ramphela you are right ANC is failing the youth of South Africa. But can you tell me where are you planning to supplier tablets and computers rural schools or urban schools? You must first help us with infrastructure. We don't have Electricity and Mobile Network, how will this tablet PC things at school will work. I suspect you just enjoy the luxury you grown up-from, please as much as we welcome your party don't try to promise something that you will never achieve even in your dreams.


Speaking to reporters after addressing the opening of African Education Week in Johannesburg, Ramphele said the government had spent R230bn on education and the country was not getting value for money.

She said the government's claim that the legacy of apartheid had inhibited change within the education system was an excuse.

"Twenty years is too long for anyone to say the legacy of another system is holding them back," Ramphele said.

"[It's] simply an excuse which has now reached past its sell-by-date. It is not apartheid that said 30% is good enough to pass. It is not apartheid that said 40% is good enough to pass."

She questioned the tender system for textbooks, suggesting that textbooks be bought directly, and that more technology, such as tablet computers, be brought into the classroom.

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