No boundaries for business opportunities are set


The CV-driven culture need to be dismantled in South Africa to achieve entrepreneurship culture. We need to get away with this bad tendency of taking our kids to schools with the intention that they will get better job. Are you not sleepy of being a liability of your boss?  If you want financial freedom in your life time you need to be in control of your life.





Journey to entrepreneurship

Be careful when you choose your business partners, it might sound awkward what I am going to say. Look at your friends might seem like are the best people to make your business partner but they might end up pulling you down to square one. Make your friends a business partners if you see is real ready to stand at hard fall business will go through. Simple words “Thorough evaluation of partner want to come on board is required to win the Journey”


Don’t waste time on Business Plan

Do only are single page of business plan for start-up. You don’t have to author of a book to write you business plan. If you can’t write you goals in five bullet line think again. It must only take you 1 minute to read you goal. Don’t listen to expects they are nonsense.   The only thing you need is to get you goals right everything else  will follow your goals even revenue- generation.


Entrepreneurs are born note made

The development of an entrepreneur takes place by accumulating the relevant skills. The creative capacity to envisage and then purse  an opportunity is directly results of some years of experience .

Stop listening to your parents

once you decide to go for entrepreneurial venture first get your own place to stay to teach yourself how to leave independent from parent. Stop listening to your parents and they put you in university to control you what you must do with it. Most South African have a tendency of living from from back yard even if they have means to be independent. Once you are in university you have a choice to do any thing that will help you achieve your goals.

It's  never too late

If you already working for someone else its not too late to start your personal endeavour. If want economics freedom in you life time you need to be in control of your life.

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