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Facebook users in the South Africa hit 5.5 million by February 2013

According to socialbakers statistics, there are 5.5 million Facebook users in the South Africa, which makes it #32 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country. With the number of internet users  of 89.75% Facebook penetration in South Africa is 11.29%.

SA has recently growth of more than 474300 in the last 6 months.  User age on Facebook in South Africa age group is currently 25-34 with total of 1 806 520 users, followed by the users in the age of 18-24. There are 50% male users and 50% female users .


Total Facebook Users


Position in the list


Penetration of population


Penetration of online population


Average CPC


Average CPM


TOP 5's

TOP 5 Facebook Pages in South Africa (Facebook for Every Phone, Trevor Noah, Lil Wayne, Top Gear, Kaizer Chiefs) this all type of pages in Facebook.

TOP 5 Facebook Brands Pages in South Africa (FNB, whatsfordinner?, OLX South Africa, Vodacom, BlackBerry)

TOP 5 Facebook Celebrities Pages in South Africa (Trevor Noah, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Drake, Eminem)

TOP 5 Facebook Entertainment Pages in South Africa (Top Gear, How I Met Your Mother, The Twilight Saga, Gossip Girl, Two and a Half Men )

TOP 5 Facebook Media Pages in South Africa (Huisgenoot, MTV, 5FM, Hectic Nine-9, METRO FM )

TOP 5 Facebook Politics Pages in South Africa (Barack Obama, Motlanthe for president, President Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum)

TOP 5 Facebook Sports Pages in South Africa (Kaizer Chiefs, Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo, Liverpool FC, Arsenal)

TOP 5 Facebook Places in South Africa (OR Tambo International Airport, King Shaka International Airport , Century City, The Pavilion Shopping Centre, Gateway Theatre of Shopping) this include pages likes and check-in

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