No please, Chromebook Pixel don’t kill apple again !!!



Ya, Google did it with Andriod inception over IOS utilising Samsung innovation to dominate smartphone market.  Not a surprise early a video mysteriously appeared on the Google Plus site of usually well-informed Chrome expert François Beaufort that seems to be the leaked announcement or ad of the much anticipated and rumoured Google Chromebook Pixel.  Blogs networking are starting making revenue over the Design of Google Chromebook Pixel seems look alike with Apple MacBook Pro. Obvious is being developed by Google with high resolution, touchscreen display -- that's 2560 x 1700.


Chromebook Pixel looks like MacBook Pro to me

Joe Wilcox, Who doesn't love a good mystery, particularly gadget freaks desperate for something more and bloggers clawing over one another for greater pageviews. Conspiracy is an Internet meme that never grows old. But there's something oh-so wrong with the Chromebook Pixel shown in the video. Doesn't the computer look a whole lot like Apple MacBook Pro? Similarities are striking, which makes me wonder whether Google imitates art or this video isn't for a real product. Perhaps it's just pitch for one


Russell Holly shares my skepticism:

Chrome OS has had the nuts and bolts for touch support since the CR-48, and when you consider the resolution in the Samsung Nexus 10 it seems plausible that Google would look in this direction for Chrome OS at some point.

This video, though? This video has all markers for an intentional viral prank. For starters, it's a crappy render of a crappy laptop. Next, it's using the wrong Google logo at the end. Finally, the video was pulled from YouTube, and then pops back up on DailyMotion courtesy of an Android blog.


Mac Morrison: "Chromebook Pixel marks the end of apple lust".

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