Get answer to know how Eskom calculate prepaid electricity




How does Eskom calculate prepaid electricity pricing? Answered


Yesterday we asked question about Eskom Inclining Block Tariff (IBT) for prepaid electricity.

I have got enormous response from my friends who knows the story.I am taking this opportunity sharing with you to do your sum at home and get saving Electricity


Do your sums

It’s really easy to work out what your prepaid electricity


The solution is easy

If you buy R240 tokens you will get 337,91 kWh Which is normal sale that will keep you in a rate of 065.72c/kWh.


Read the following document for more details

Prepaid Eletricity Tariff



Eskom prepaid electricity contact details
Contact No. : 08600 37566


Or Download PDF Click Here


South Africa Save energy is our future

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