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Now in SA Android users get unlimited internet service "flat-rate data"

Nashua Mobile has extended its fixed-cost mobile services Xtreme Data and Xtreme Data Premium to selected Samsung Android handsets.

Android users now will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the mobile Internet for an affordable monthly tariff. The Xtreme Data and Xtreme Data Premium services will be available on the Samsung Ace Advance, Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Pocket and the Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphones with effect from 7 November. This extends the services beyond selected Nokia Asha and Lumia devices for the first time.

At a fixed cost of R59 per month, Xtreme Data offers consumers unlimited access to email, browsing, social networking and instant messaging from their handsets. The Xtreme Data Premium service at R139 per month, allows users to do everything they can do with the original Xtreme Data as well as download apps and games and view YouTube. This option is recommended for users who consume 400MB or more per month.


Data cost

Nashua Mobile warned that the service is subject to fair use policies and heavy users would be throttled.

"Customers will experience a decrease in download speeds once they have exceeded a threshold in their data usage for the month -100MB for the Xtreme Data standard service and 400MB in the case of Premium," the company said.

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