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#NedbankCup Last 8 Full Draw

Bloem Celtic v Wits, African Warriots v Maritzburg, Chiefs v Supersport, Sundowns v Pirates #NedbankCup.BjuxS6DCUAAl-rY

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4 Impressive Ways to Improve Your Social CRM


In this cutthroat web world, it is just like impossible to succeed without brand ambassadors and loyal customers. Getting feedback and customer relationships are important for every business to grow successfully. Customers do not trust anything until they see it, which is undoubtedly a human tendency. This is where customer relationship management (CRM) comes into play, and your accomplishment here can make all the difference.Social CRM


CRM helps you build strong relationships with your customers, bringing a huge advantage over big businesses. We have put together a few great ways to help you manage the balancing act that will leave smiles on your customers’ faces and lead your business to successful growth.

Essential Tips To Enhance Your CRM

Foster Interaction: An Effective Strategy:

Today, the majority of people spend more and more time on surfing internet over their computers or tablets or Smartphones rather than interacting with one another. Interaction through words has always been the best way to gain loyal users, when it comes to the confusion about what to buy, what to do or where to spend. Our words are enough to  gain the trust of consumers maintaining a non-pressured approach.

From an internal budget point of view, there is no other marketing strategy that can beat it on return on investment. In the online world, we can express our words in the form of reviews and recommendations. Onsite reviews can be the perfect way to get the feedback from the existing customers. However, social media is the best way for the objective information from your new customers.



Take Special Care Of Irate Customers:

It is not necessary that all the feedback and reviews will be nice. There is a possibility of getting negative feedbacks as well. So, you should be prepared for it. Ignoring negative feedback is not wiser, you may lose your convertible customers this way by making them more irate. It is wiser to respond to the negative feedback honestly in a positive and nice manner. It may turn frustrated customers into loyal followers and brand ambassadors


Be Honest:

Small businesses usually sets themselves apart from the big businesses making it easier for the customers to get in touch with the real person. Manage a trustworthy relationship with your customers and be honest about what to expect from your services and products. Do not set the expectations that cannot be achieved. Customers understand that they are working with the startup organization and the things may not be perfect in the beginning. Do not overpromise and underdeliver that is the major behind the downfall of some companies. There is no second chance in the business, you cannot earn the customer’s trust, once lost.

Stay Connected To Ensure Healthy Relationship:

It is important to keep track of your customer relationships. Use the tools like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce or an Excel doc that help you stay connected with your customers. This ensures that you are active in maintaining relationships with the customers. Along with the negative feed backs, identify the customers, who have given good reviews as they will help your business grow.

It would be more beneficial, if the CRM is combined with the marketing automation. What if your CRM automatically send emails and follow-ups to your customers? With the dozens of tasks to be handled per day, it is quite challenging for the small businesses to stay organized and follow-up with their customers. CRM is an important part of small businesses that helps them maintain good relationships with their customers and prospects.



Following these tips will surely help you in the business growth. Your customers will let everyone know that they are connected to you and will invite them to shop with you. What you need to do is, simply let your audience know that you care about their experiences and preferences.


Maria is a professional email copywriter at EmailChopper, which provides the best email copywriting services. He has shared lots of knowledge and innovative ideas in solving various issues related to the email conversion. With help of his creative ideas the new concepts have come up for managing emails.

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Live Streaming Video of Nelson Mandela Memorial Service FNB Stadium

 Live Streaming Video: Nelson Mandela Memorial Service FNB Stadium Johannesburg, South Africa Tuesday 10th December 2013. Memorial service is due to start at 11am local time, live stream coverage will begin several hours earlier!Nelson Mandela Programme











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Steps to Take After a Car Accident and Checklist


Each year around this time millions of people are planning their end of the year holiday trips, but most of thier journeys are accompanied by number of accidents. If you are one of these unfortunate people, will you know what to do in the aftermath of a collision? How you react can prevent further injuries, reduce costs and accelerate the clean-up and repair process.CAR ACCIDENT KIT

 Do not forget to include Car Accident Checklist in your holiday plans to avoid car accident but once one happens it is important that the right steps are taken. Obviously it is hard to think clearly after a car accident so it is important to know before you get into an accident what to do first and what questions may need answered. This checklist will help you know what to do after a car accident. It is best to review it now and then print it out and keep a copy with you in your car.

5 important Car Accident Checklist you must always carry

  • a notebook and pen
  • a camera or phone with a camera
  • chalk to mark car positions
  • an emergency medical kit
  • at least one warning triangle

What to Do When Involved In a Car Accident

If the accident has injuries it’s required you stop at the scene.  Make sure your engine is Switch off and turn on your hazard lights, and use warning triangles to alert oncoming traffic. Drivers should carry a cell phone, as well as pen and paper for taking notes, a disposable camera to take photos of the vehicles at the scene, and a card with information about medical allergies or conditions that may require special attention if there are serious injuries.warning triangle full

Make sure you Discuss Car Accident only with the Police

With everyone all shake up it can be hard not to talk about what just happened, but that can also lead to you not thinking clearly and accurately about what happened. It is important to limit your discussion of the accident and not to admit any fault or liability. You should talk about the accident with the police and your insurance agent only.

Try to stay calm:

Once you realise that you have been involved in car accident, the best thing to do is to try and remain as calm as possible. We all know that car accidents can be extremely frustrating and traumatizing but remaining calm will let you evaluate the situation better as well as find out if anyone needs medical attention.

Call Your Insurance Agent

Call your agent or insurance company's immediately my case Hollard insurance will be on top of my contact list, even at the scene with the police if possible. Contact Hollard’s Claims and Customer Service on 0861 01 02 03. Their approved towing contractor will then dispatch a towing vehicle to you

7 important things a driver is obliged to do in the event of a car accident:

  1. Immediately stop the vehicle
  2. Determine the nature and extent of any injury sustained
  3. If a person is injured, render assistance as he / she is capable of rendering
  4. Ascertain the nature and extent of damage sustained
  5. If required to do so, give his / her name and address, the name and address of the owner of the vehicle, as well as the registration number to any person having reasonable grounds for the information
  6. Report the accident at a police station within 24 hours and produce the drivers licence
  7. Do not take any intoxicating liquor or narcotic drug unless prescribed by a medical practitioner.


List your important contact numbers below, as well as on your phone:

accident card yours

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UPDATE 1: More 91 Heads of State line up for Mandela funeral, memorial service

mandelaMinistry of International Relations spokesperson Clayson Monyela has revealed the names of heads of states scheduled to attend the funeral service of former president Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.


Come Monday at noon, that number has risen to 91 sitting heads of state, including 10 former heads of state. Additionally, royalty (kings, queens, princes, princesses), reps of UN, EU, Commonwealth, World Bank, IMF, AU, the Pope’s representative are lining up to attend what many consider the largest funeral in history


African heads of state attending include:

1. President J Kikwete from Tanzania
2. President Joseph Kabila from the Democratic Republic of the Congo,
3. President H Pohamba from Namibia,
4. President M Sall from Senegal,
5. President Allessane Ouattara from Cote d’Ivoire,
6. Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan,
7. President Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe,
8. Congolese president Dennis Sassou-Nguesso,
9. President John Dramani from Ghana
10. President Ali Bongo from Gabon.

From South America, attendees will include

1. President Nicolus Maduro Moros from Venezuela
2. President Dilma Rousseff from Brazil along with four former presidents of the country.

From the Caribbean,

1. Prime Minister Perry Christie from the Bahamas
2. President Donad Ramotar from Guyana,
3. Haitian President Michael Martelly
4. Jamaican president Portia Miller.

Asian representation will include

1. President Pranab Mukherjee from India
2. Afghan President Hamid Karzai.


European Union’s two presidents

1. President Francois Hollande from France
2. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot
3. United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki Moon

From American president

1. President Barack Obama would be in attendance along with former presidents
2. Bill Clinton,
3. George W. Bush,
4. Jimmy Carter.


Other high profile guests include musician Bono, television talk show host Oprah Winfrey, businessman Richard Branson, top model Naomi Campbell, Prince Charles and Prince Harry.


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