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Free WiFi for Cape Town Metrorail trains

Metrorail in the Western Cape is rolling out free Wi-Fi internet access at train stations, starting with Cape Town Station – with plans to push connectivity onto the trains themselves.

According to a report in the Cape Times, this forms part of a greater turnaround strategy for the company.

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Cheapest Pre-paid call rates compared: Cell C vs MTN vs Telkom Mobile vs Vodacom

South African three prominent mobile operators endless mobile was begins again between Cell C , MTN , Telkom Mobile and Vodacom.    

Cell C slashes prepaid, contract prices

Cell C announced that it will be reducing its pre-paid call rate to 66c per minute, on pure per second billing, from 1 July 2014.

The new 66c per minute rate is available until 30 September, depending on the outcome of the Mobile Termination Rate Review.

The company’s 99c packages are still available, and Cell C highlighted that they “still provide excellent value to customers who recharge and receive Supacharge benefits”. Supacharge benefits are not available on the new 66c per minute product.

Cell C also launched three new ChatMore contract products with a call rate of 79c per minute on pure per second billing.

Vodacom 79c prepaid promo

A promotional prepaid price plan from Vodacom which offers a 79c per minute call rate is set to become available at 00:01 on 1 May 2014.

For the moment, Vodacom’s 79c per minute prepaid price plan is set to run until 14 July 2014, and is subject to a specific set of terms and conditions.

The core features of the promotion are as follows:

  • Local call rate (any network, any time): R0.79 per minute (billed per second)
  • SMS: R0.50
  • SMS to Telkom landlines: R0.90
  • MMS (300KB or less): R0.80 per MMS
  • International SMS: R1.74/SMS all day

MTN 79c per minute prepaid call rate made permanent

MTN announced in a press statement on Thursday evening (24 April 2014) that its previously promotional call rate of 79c/minute on its Pay Per Second prepaid price plan will soon be permanent.

Those who wish to remain on MTN’s Zone Per Second, Muziq, or discontinued Call Per Second prepaid price plans can get the 79c/minute rate by buying an MTN PayAsYouGo voice bundle, the network said.

In addition to its existing R7, R12, and R17 bundles, MTN has introduced a R35 bundle. Each bundle only lasts a few days, and offers some SMS messages, data, and on-network minutes in addition to the 79c/minute call rate.

Telkom Mobile 29c per minute SIM-Sonke deal

Telkom Mobile has launched its SIM-Sonke pre-paid tariff plan, offering subscribers a 29c/min call rate (per-second billing) to other Telkom Mobile users, and 75c/minute to other networks (per-second billing).

SIM-Sonke also carries a data rate of 29c/MB

Pre-paid call rates compared

Operator Package On-net calls Off-net calls
Cell C Prepaid 66c 66c
Telkom Mobile Sim-Sonke 29c 75c
MTN Pay Per Second 79c 79c
Vodacom Prepaid 79c 79c 79c
Cell C 99c for real 99c 99c
Telkom Mobile Telkom More R1.90 R1.90
Vodacom Anytime Per Second R1.20 R1.20
Vodacom Vodacom 4 Less R2.60 R2.89
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Make a smart choice on your Beauty Treatments with PrettySmart



PrettySmart was launched in 2013, a website which allows people to rate and review spas and beauty salons in South Africa.   

PrettySmart website allows spa lovers to make well-informed decisions before they can book their beauty treatments. It offers unbiased spas and beauty salons reviews because all their reviews are done by another spa users, by selecting PrettySmart can save you time and headache to select the most suitable spa and service you like and trust.

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AIC - African Independent Congress Website has been suspended

The African Independent Congress (AIC) is a minor political party in South Africa. It was founded on 12 December 2005 in the Matatiele locality in protest against the inclusion of the area in the Eastern Cape by the African National Congress government, rather than KwaZulu-Natal.

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Dear South African's: Stop using Internet Explorer until security problems are fixed

 On April 26, 2014, Microsoft issued a security advisory relating to CVE-2014-1776, a vulnerability that could allow "remote code execution" in Internet Explorer versions 6 to 11. 

Why the State Security Agency (SSA) or relevant department is not doing anything about Internet Explorer vulnerability to South Africans.

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