Changes in SEO – what works now ?

Ever since the first search engines were created and during that period of the early WWW, or better, the beginnings of internet, if you want to put it more colourfully, SEO quickly became an important tool. SEO, or for those not very familiar with its concept – search engine optimization, is actually a process of sorts with which you improve a site’s ranking in a search engine’s search results page.

It’s actually quite easy to understand, but of course, not that easy to implement. There are various methods with which you can get a specific site to appear on top in search results and/or more often, thus increasing it’s visibility. By increasing the visibility of a site, naturally you increase the number of visitors, which can only be a good thing for a site’s owner. That’s how the Web works and that is why SEO is an important thing in that world.

How it works

Methods used in SEO have practically remained the same, and they always depend on the search engine in question. Besides that, SEO studies the words, or better said – keywords used by people in general.

When searching for keywords in use for a specific thing, it’s not that hard to discover them. You should basically put yourself in the shoes of an everyday, normal, human being, who only wants to find something that interests him. It’s actually surprising how similar we all are and how not so different ways of thinking we all possess. I’m sure that it happens to everyone – when you want to search for something on the internet you type some weird stuff and you actually find what you were looking for! And you were thinking that you were the only one who was silly enough to think of such a weird thing… We are all similar that’s the point here.

Something new here?

In the year 2013, some new trends arose in the SEO field. This happens with everything in the modern age, especially in the fields which include modern technology and computers in specif. New things and changes come so quickly that it is sometimes hard to follow it…

Authorship has become an important subject due to all the piracy that is happening around the globe… piracy on the internet of course, not the real kind… Anyway, because of this, it is now important to authenticate your content if you want to be found easily on the web. It ads credibility to the site and that is why these sites will certainly be in front of the others which are not authenticated.

With the increased usage of modern mobile phones, much of the overall web searches come from mobile phones – more than 15% of the total searches to be a bit more precise, which is not a small figure. This does not affect the ranking of a site that much but it is still important for site owners to have mobile friendly sites, which will get them more visitors.

As far as modern things go, social content, i.e. things found on social networks also play an important role today when it comes to SEO. They have become so popular and used by a variety of people that you simply have to use that content as a factor in the ranking of websites.

Google is becoming increasingly strict when it comes to quality. So the continuing trend in SEO will certainly be quality, probably even more than before. Low-quality sites will definitely be ranked low in the searches. This really isn’t something new, the point is that that quality is a more and more important thing on the internet. Quality is generally important, so it should be like that on the internet as well.

Almost a half of the total searches include something local, i.e. “best pizza in Rome”, or “best lawyer in Melbourne ”. This means that businesses will now have to consider such things when they are putting information on their sites. This will not only be good for the visibility of the site but it will also be good for the users, since it will makes things even easier for them.

A lot of stuff, but it has to end sometimes!

All in all, these are the most important things in the SEO field in the current year. If you are interested in these things it would be good for you to know this, and if this is something that you actually do, than you really have to know these things! Always be updated, it will certainly be of help.