Friday, 2 October 2015

How To Stop Facebook Video AutoPlay on desktop or laptop on a desktop or laptop - Go to Settings using the drop down menu > click Videos > Click on the drop-down menu next toAuto-Play Videos” and select Off.

This (recently introduced) Facebook feature that enables videos to start playing the minute you see them has caused a fair amount of consternation amongst its users.

Videos consume substantial amounts of mobile data. This is problematic for people that have limited data plans and spend a lot of time scrolling through the Facebook News Feed. Facebook enabled videos to automatically play by default, which has caused many people to incur high data usage charges.

How To Stop Facebook Video AutoPlay on Android?

There is also an option to play videos automatically when connected to Wi-Fi only on Android. Here are instructions for turning off the video auto-playing feature on Facebook:

Android – Go to Settings > App Settings > General Settings > set Auto-play to “Wi-fi only” or “Off”

How To Stop Facebook Video AutoPlay on iOS

There is also an option to play videos automatically when connected to Wi-Fi only on IOS. Here are instructions for turning off the video auto-playing feature on Facebook:

iOS – Go to the Settings app > Facebook > Settings > Auto-play > set to “Wi-fi only” or “Off”

Thursday, 13 August 2015

MyCiTi vs Rea Vaya Bus Fares 2015 /2016

 Rea Vaya bus services operate in City of Johannesburg and  MyCiti bus operate in City of Cape Town


Rea Vaya's fares are worked out according to distance travelled, with the amount charged per kilometre decreasing as the length of your trip increases. As of 1 July 2015, the fares are as follows:

Journey length2015/16 Fares
0 - 5kmR5.80
5.1 - 10kmR7.60
10.1 - 15kmR9.50
15.1 - 25kmR11.30
25.1 - 35kmR12.20
More than 35kmR13.30
Penalty feesR13.30
Single trip cardsR13.80
Double trip cardsR26.50


MyCiti Mover  fares Paek times

2014/20152015/2016% increaseGone up by 
0-5 kmR 6.30R 8.2030%R 1.90
05-10 kmR 6.90R 9.4036%R 2.50
10-20 kmR 8.80R 12.6043%R 3.80
20-30 kmR 10.40R 13.9034%R 3.50
30-40 kmR 11.60R 14.8028%R 3.20
40-50 kmR 14.30R 17.4022%R 3.10
50-60 kmR 16.80R 19.5016%R 2.70
>60 kmR 18.80R 21.3013%R 2.50

MyCiti Mover  fares Off Peak

2014/20152015/2016% increaseGone up by
0-5 kmR 4.90R 5.5012%R 0.60
05-10 kmR 5.40R 6.9028%R 1.50
10-20 kmR 6.60R 8.8033%R 2.20
20-30 kmR 8.70R 10.4020%R 1.70
30-40 kmR 9.70R 11.6020%R 1.90
40-50 kmR 11.90R 13.7015%R 1.80
50-60 kmR 14.00R 15.5011%R 1.50
>60 kmR 15.70R 17.008%R 1.30

MyCiti Starndard fares Paek times

2014/20152015/2016% increaseGone up by
0-5 kmR 8.90R 11.5029%R 2.60
05-10 kmR 9.80R 13.3036%R 3.50
10-20 kmR 12.50R 17.9043%R 5.40
20-30 kmR 14.80R 19.8034%R 5.00
30-40 kmR 16.50R 21.0027%R 4.50
40-50 kmR 20.30R 24.6021%R 4.30
50-60 kmR 23.90R 27.7016%R 3.80
>60 kmR 26.70R 30.2013%R 3.50

MyCiti Starndard fares Off Peak

2014/20152015/2016% increaseGone up by
0-5 kmR 6.80R 7.8015%R 1.00
05-10 kmR 7.70R 9.8027%R 2.10
10-20 kmR 9.40R 12.5033%R 3.10
20-30 kmR 12.40R 14.8019%R 2.40
30-40 kmR 13.80R 16.5020%R 2.70
40-50 kmR 16.90R 19.4015%R 2.50
50-60 kmR 19.90R 22.0011%R 2.10
>60 kmR 22.30R 24.108%R 1.80

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

DStv competitor Netflix launching in South Africa on 19 August

Naspers, owner of DStv through MultiChoice, will unveil its competitor to Netflix on 19 August, speculation in the broadcasting industry suggests.
Sources told MyBroadband that Naspers has secretly been working a subscription video on demand (SVOD) service, and is planning to launch it in August.
Speculation about the reveal started after a public relations company often used by MultiChoice sent out an invitation to an event about “the most innovative and exciting entertainment service” in South Africa.
Sources said Naspers aims to roll out quickly to large developing economies to beat Netflix to market in those regions.

Netflix announced at the start of 2015 that it will complete its international expansion strategy sooner than expected, and plans to have a global footprint by the end of 2016.
A spokesperson for the company confirmed its plans include South Africa.
Naspers therefore had to move quickly to take the fight to Netflix, which it did by acquiring a stake in Icflix through MultiChoice in April 2015.
Icflix is a UAE-based VOD platform offering on-demand video services to Morocco, Egypt, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia.
In addition to offering Indian cinema (Bollywood), Arabic cinema (Jazwood), and Hollywood content, Icflix also announced this year that it had invested in studios to produce original content – as Netflix does.
Although the stake in Icflix was reportedly sold to MultiChoice and much of the development of Naspers’ SVOD service happened within MultiChoice, sources say that the operation was split off from the pay-TV operator and moved offshore for various business reasons.
According to sources, the Netflix competitor from Naspers is based out of the UAE and the Czech Republic, with its headquarters in Dubai.
John Kotsaftis, who became the CEO of DStv Digital Media after the merger of DStv Online and DStv Mobile, will head up the Naspers VOD venture from Dubai.
Though there will be sharing of resources between MultiChoice and Naspers’ VOD service, including expensive content rights and some staff, the two companies will compete against one another for subscribers in territories where they both operate.
Naspers and MultiChoice were not able to provide comment on the name of the service or the price of subscriptions at the time of publication

Saturday, 8 August 2015

How To: Reset Asha 202, Asha 203 and Asha 302

1.- Basic Reset or Soft Reset Nokia Asha 

This option restores the .ini files from the ROM.
Does not erase data (photos, videos, documents) or applications from a third party. Key Code *# 7780 # (click this combination of keys on the keyboard in the mobile)

2.- Total Reset or Hard Reset Nokia Asha 

This option restores the original operating system from the ROM.
Formats the C: partition and deletes all data including the memory card. Key Code *#7370# (click this combination of keys on the keyboard in the mobile)
for the phones which have keypad
Turn the Mobile off.
Press and Hold “*“+ “3” + Call Green Keys.
Turn on the device by pressing the on button.
Wait until the Nokia Asha logo appear.

3.- Restore Factory Original Settings Nokia Asha 

End all calls and connections.
Select Menu Settings and Rest. fact. sett. Settings only.
Enter the security code. The default lock code (security code) is 12345.

Friday, 7 August 2015

How To: Reset Motorola Droid X

Soft Reset:
To force a reset, you’ll have to remove and re-insert the battery.

Factory Reset:
Go to Settings>Privacy and select Factory Data Reset. Unlike the Droid X2, this does not give you the option to erase your internal storage, so you will have to do that manually in theSettings>Storage menu.

You can also use the recovery menu, accessed by powering on the device while holding the Home button. Use the volume rocker to highlight Data Wipe/Factory Reset and the power button to select it.

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